Tiffany Horrocks

Acrylic Impasto Artist

 Currently Available

"Soon after the rains"  32 x 33 

Painting of a lovely stroll through Exhibition Park in Guelph just after a rain.  This image speaks to me of renewals and new beginnings.
Available at Marten Arts

Tentatively titled "Toward the Light".

Walking up from the bottom of the Elora Gorge,  we came upon these stairs and they seemed to ascend into such a bright and airy space that it almost felt like the summer day was beckoning me up.

Or maybe I was just hungry and eager to find food.  Nonetheless,  the metaphor of stairs as a conduit to a new and exciting space is a seductive one ...(stairway to heaven?  remember that song?).

This work in progress will hopefully be finished for the Studio Tour.
Inspired to paint a moment; a summer day down by the Elora Quarry.  This painting captures the cool deep shade of forest on a bright sunny day.
32" x 48"

Unframed with black finished sides. $1950

Work in progress...nearly done.  24 x 42 inches.  From my Sunny day in Exhibition Park series.

"March Snow"
24'' x 38''

This painting was inspired by a "warm" early spring day, very near to Riverside Park in Guelph Ontario. As with many of my paintings, this one is no exception, I focused on the ambience of the day; the bright warm light as it shone through the trees. $ 1250 unframed. 

In a lovely thick ash frame finished in espresso. $1450

"Looking for the beach."
Towels in hand,  walking through Bon Echo Park from our campsite,  looking for the beach.  Summer in Ontario!!
Displayed in a lovely ash frame finished in espresso.  24 x 38 inches. 

Kitchen Table Delight.

24 x 24

Tulips in a glass jar with buzzy doodads flying around.

Unframed.  $775.00

Surprise of Sunflowers.
24 x 24.
Heavy, thick application of impasto gives drama to this vibrant piece.  Buzzy and cheerful!
$850.00 unframed.

Lighthouse at Goderich Lookout.
20 x 16

Presents in a wooden frame.  $465.00

From my Lion's head trip but on the way back to Guelph,  on a long loop via Bayfield.  Good way to see the coast and also visit one of my galleries.

Still on my quest to capture Ontario landmarks and icons in paintings.  What could be more classic than a lighthouse?

Still Untitled. 

20 x 16

Presents in a wooden frame.  $465.00

From a trip up to Lion's head to go rock climbing.  I wasn't looking for images to paint that day.  However,  the Ontario landscape is so lush and enchanting, I started wanting to capture a little of that in my paintings;  and the treasure of our rural heritage is so encapsulated by the Barn.

I have always loved farms,  farmland and Barns, and have begun to incorporate these images in my head onto paintings while still maintaining my trademark knifework and heavy impasto.

"Enchanting Picnic Spot."  32 x 48.  Presented in an ash frame in an espresso finish.  $2200.00

Yummy Kitchen Series:

8 x 10

145.00 each

These fruit and veggie pieces are my pride and joy.  And that is because I am painting them with just one tiny impasto palette knife and getting all the nuances of a larger painting.

Small but mighty!

I will have a large variety at the show.