Tiffany Horrocks

Acrylic Impasto Artist


   "Hillside Discussion Group"  45 x 85 inches.   (About 4 ft. x 7 ft.)

    Will beautifully fill a space 12 - 15 ft wide.  $3900.00

"Wheatfield Poppy Murmurings."  Bold and striking,  this painting,  at 4 ft high x 6 ft. wide will bring a big splash of colour and oomph to a large space.  Suitable for a  space at least 10 ft. wide by at least 8 ft. high.

Available at Marten Arts, Bayfield, Ontario.

Big Sky Sunset
36 x 60

Presented in a black wooden frame.

"Big Sky Meadow".    Capturing the dramatic sky over a lush meadow,  this big sensuous piece swirls with myraid colours to fill the senses.  A major statement,  it would require at least a 10 ft. wide space to accommodate.  48 x 72 inches.  (4x6 ft.)  3500.00