Tiffany Horrocks

Acrylic Impasto Artist


Tiffany’s career as an artist began in 2000 with a two year study in ceramics.  Immediately after, she sought out her own studio and soon found herself sharing an old warehouse with other ceramic and mixed media artists.     

She quickly found herself exploring sculpture.  Infused with a new passion,  she built a successful career as a sculptor specialising in Raku and mixed media pieces.

After 6 years working in that medium,  she began feeling stifled by the many restrictions of size, weight and colour inherent in ceramics. She began to explore mixed media acrylics as a textural and colour medium,  first as mixed media with her ceramics and then as painting.


Painting came very naturally to her and she soon found herself working and showing primarily as a painter.


Her current work is “painted” using pallette knives with thickly applied paints and gels.  (Classically known as "Impasto")

She has exhibited acrylic paintings since 2007 and her unique approach to the medium is fluid and very physical. 

Today,  her impasto paintings continue to reach out to her scuptural roots, using high relief, depth, shadows and texture in their expression. She creates masterfully executed, visually stunning work;  stamping each colourful piece with her strong, trademark style.


“I work often in very long stretches of time. Approaching my pieces primarily emotively;  I paint spontaneously;  striving to capture a thought, a feeling;  not the precision of a photographic image, but of a memory,  of a mood. 


Every painting is unique; and will evolve through concept sketching, to the initial strokes, to bolder, thicker application;  gathering energy as it goes. 


Some pieces are sketched and painted entirely from start to finish in one sitting with quick, sure movements.  Some pieces require more sittings and I will work layer upon layer onto a piece until I am satisfied with the composition, image and execution.


Often, I will give a piece a final touch with brushwork,  lending just that last bit of movement and energy it needs to see it through the turmoil of creation to settle into it’s resting place.”


Tiffany has won many awards for her work and she is an important and vibrant voice in contemporary Canadian Art.  She makes her living entirely as an artist and her paintings can be found in many Canadian galleries and private collections.