Tiffany Horrocks

Acrylic Impasto Artist

Thank You all for your interest in my workshops.

I will be conducting a series of monthly impasto workshops  (thick painting , usually with palette knife)   where each participant will come away with:

•  A basic understanding of impasto,

•  Practice using palette knives and learn how to blend colours with them

•  Basics of tonal values and colour theory

•  a painting of the subject matter used during the workshop:  for example,  an avacodo on table against an impasto background.

For now,  I would request that you email me at :  [email protected]

to let me know if you are interested in either a December,  January or a February workshop.

While times and dates have to be finalised,  I anticipate them to be on the first Saturday of each month,  beginning at 1 pm.