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Commissions and Digital Art Placement

What is entailed:

Sometimes,  the process of purchasing and collecting art involves matching the work and the space it is intended for. 

For example,  a client might be interested in a piece like “poppy field” below.  

However, the available piece might have been sold,  be too big or too small,  etc.

To help a client decide on a commission and/or to collect a suitable piece

in the same theme,  a picture of the space in question is can be sent to us; such as this stairwell:

The wall is 8′ wide  x 9′ high.

After a little more consultation, we will begin by digitally placing the piece (to scale) in the stairwell:

(Hock,  my dear buddy,  is the digital guy actually…)

In this case, this piece is digitally placed for 48 inches high x 60 inches wide.


Something to keep in mind is that the digitally placed images often seem like they are “floating” as they have a different contrast and clarity than the original picture.  There is always a difference in sharpness resulting in a surreal “feel”  between the placed piece and the surrounding photo.  This is unavoidable and important to take into account.
That being said, this is a really great way of seeing what pieces can look like in new spaces.

Here is another take on the possibilities:  Thematically similar, this piece is scaled to 64 ” wide x 76 ” high.

Remember,  in the end, each of our pieces are originals and these are only digital concepts. 

While discussing the placements and working on the idea together,  we will be examining the colours,   size,   price, etc.

However, while the final piece will incorporate some of these considerations,   it will still be, itself, an original work.

Each piece emerges from the ideas phase to a finished painting with its’ own flair,  presence, composition and subtleties. etc.